The CNE® Designation

What is a CNE®?

Our lead agent, Amy Siewe, has the CNE® designation. A CNE® is a Certified Negotiation Expert®. This designation is given to agents who have completed
a course of training in negotiation techniques. The course is specific to real estate transactions and incorporates research from the Real Estate Negotiation Institute© (RENI). CNE® agents understand a variety of negotiation approaches, the psychology of buying and selling, and persuasion principles that are all based on research and case studies.

Realtors® with this designation understand the different approaches they can take to get the best outcomes for their clients, whether it is competitive hard bargaining or collaborative negotiating. They know how people make decisions about purchases and how this affects transactions, so they can counsel their clients through offers and counter offers to close the deal. These agents represent their clients’ best interests and are able to keep the transaction on course.

Benefits of working with a CNE® agent

  1. Better Offer and Counter Offer Structures
  2. Better Positional Value of Earnest Money
  3. Better Understanding of Primary Interests
  4. Understanding Your Plan B – Walk Away
  5. Understanding How the Other Side Works
  6. Being able to navigate all of the potential financial pitfalls that come with selling real estate

Bottom Line:

When hiring an agent to help achieve your greatest Net Profit, it is important to consider both marketing efforts and negotiating skills. A CNE® agent has the skills, knowledge, and experience to negotiate the absolute best deal for you.

Do you want more information?

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