Why you need a Realtor for new construction:

Amy helped us locate new build/development property in a Pulte subdivision in the Carmel Clay area. She provided guidance in negotiating with the builder and in choosing features, assisted with problems we encountered with Pulte and helped us get in touch with Pulte executives, and acted as a client advocate.

Amy was quite helpful in our selection of features for our new home with respect to what would be helpful at re-sale. We encountered several problems toward the end of the build, and Amy acted as a strong and aggressive customer advocate in dealing with our builder.

Amy had also helped us in 2013 in locating a rental home after we moved to Indiana from Chicago. We found a perfect match after only two property visits. She advised us and referred us to multiple contractors and local service providers to help us get established at both our rental home (2013) and our newly purchased home (2015).

Amy was referred to us by someone who spoke strongly to her ability to help 2nd and 3rd time move-up home buyers for residential homes. While we have yet to use her in the seller’s capacity, Amy comes strongly recommended to sellers who want their home sold quickly, while netting the most money.

— Mark Calabrese