Timeline of New Developments in 2017

There are plenty of things to do in Westfield, Indiana and with so many new developments in 2017, the list of activities and attractions will only continue to rise into next year as well. With more people moving to the suburban area to live and work, there’s no doubt that there’s plenty of growth headed for the Westfield area.

We’ve compiled a timeline of new developments in Westfield for 2017. As current or future residents, all the construction means it’s a great time to own a home in Westfield. While there are many new developments happening right now, most of them have been listed in this article with links for your convenience.

1. NorthPoint (formerly Aurora)

In 2017, the name Aurora was changed to Northpoint. In January of this year, Northpoint was one of 3 development projects announced.

Councilman Steve Hoover mentioned that Northpoint would not include apartments. He also said that it would add a commercial tax base.

The developers made concessions to residents that included:

  • no fast food restaurants
  • no gas stations
  • reduced building heights near homes

Scofield Farms

So what’s being planned for Northpoint? One addition to Northpoint will be Scofield Farms, a neighborhood with up to 235 homes on 143 acres of land at Moontown Road by 196th Street.

The builder, M/I Homes, plans to make one section with ranch homes and one section with two-story homes.

Update on Northpoint:

Holladay Properties said that it was ready to start infrastructure work at Northpoint. Northpoint developer vice president Chris Wilkes said:

“Westfield is a wonderful community and we are pleased to continue our investment in the City with the NorthPoint project. With the scale of its 300 acres, NorthPoint will allow us an opportunity to contribute to the growth and transformation of the City in the many years ahead.”

Update on Northpoint:

Bastian Solutions, a subsidiary of Toyota, announced its plan to build a 90,720 square foot. building east of U.S. 31 by 196th Street. This $8 million project should create 87 jobs by the end of 2020.

3. Grand Park Sports Campus

This lucky campus is receiving a hefty allocation of funds from the city of Westfield – $92 million to be exact. The money will go towards developments that were already built or that are under construction.

Westfield city media also said that the campus inspired an additional $491 million in new projects that were still in the planning stage, or that were approved but construction hadn’t begun yet.

4. Grand Park Village

The 220-acre, $225 million mixed-use project will surround a lake with a boardwalk and should include the following:

  • shops
  • entertainment venues
  • restaurants
  • multi-family housing

5. Osborne Trails

On property north of Grand Park, this housing project is being designed for older residents age 55 and over. This 265 acre project should include the following:

  • single family homes
  • residential units
  • commercial buildings

Cost wasn’t estimated at the time of the report.

6. Spring Mill Grand Station

The Spring Mill Station community will have access to the following:

  • fitness center
  • dog park and trail around the perimeter of the station
  • resort-style pool
  • grilling station
  • business center

This $7 million project near a growing Westfield intersection will include retail, office, and self-storage buildings. Aspen Property Management reported that the project would include five buildings.

Expectations have been set high by Aspen Property Management President John Perine:

“We feel that Westfield is growing with a lot of exciting projects, and we think our development will add to the ambiance in the city,” said Perine via email. “We expect our retail center in front to be a ‘hub’ for local residents.”

Progress was already made with a CVS Pharmacy and a medical office building being opened. There’s also a Depot at Spring Mill Station in the works that will include the following:

  • bank
  • retail buildings
  • office buildings
  • grocery store
  • standalone restaurant

To the west of the Depot a 290 unit apartment complex is also in the works. It will include 15 multistory buildings built around a clubhouse.

7. $8 Million Plant

The latest news about new Westfield developments is an $8 million plant that is being planned by a Toyota owned company. They say that it will bring more jobs to Hamilton County.

Hiring positions for the plant will open at the beginning of 2018. They’ll be looking to hire manufacturers and engineers.


If you’re thinking about making a move to Westfield, now’s a great time. The real estate market is booming and with all the upcoming developments, any investment made now will certainly pay off in the future. The area already boasts many activities and attractions, so be sure to explore what’s already established in this wonderful area.